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 Astral Projection

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PostSubject: Astral Projection   Astral Projection EmptyWed Jul 17, 2019 5:39 am

For the past couple of months now,
Ive been having a few unusual experiences with dreaming lately. Im not new to the taboo side of the spectrum because I grew up in a house hold seeing "ghost", orbs, feeling deaths before and after they happened, smelling scents on people mainly (if a person has a dis-ease in the body I can smell and know what t is before hand) and many other usual things that are not considered "common". Lately I have gained something new astral projection..
going to space MAINLY mars in every astral project Im always going to Mars the last time I went I was on a newly developed base which what looked like a resort styled theme and im guessing that a hurricane happened during the middle of me exploring and we were (a group of 12) rushed back on to a ship home to Earth during that time only a small group could fit on the ship and it sent everyone into panic mode (we all fought over who was going home and who would stay in die) lol I no thats a bit morbid but this guy pushed me out the craft lol (I was voted back on the ship while he had to stay) but every time I astral project I either go to the moon are mars... Is anyone else going to mars and if so is there some type of energetic pull that keeps pulling me back to that place?
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Astral Projection

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