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 Hey everyone ^^ , I want to share something (precognition)

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Hey everyone ^^ , I want to share something (precognition) Empty
PostSubject: Hey everyone ^^ , I want to share something (precognition)   Hey everyone ^^ , I want to share something (precognition) EmptySat Oct 25, 2014 3:20 am

Hey everyone ^^ , I found this forum by looking up precognition, I was about to buy lottery ticket , and wanned to look up if anyone though of this same idea to future see the outcome of a lottery were you can type your own numbers in. Heh, its freaking hard to see it. It even seems like the future is constantly changing about the lottery, and I can't get a steady vision of it.
What I understand about this is that all time lanes are connected. For example lets say past me, present me, and future me, all still exist somewhere in time. As I understand more of this power,the future me understands even more, and future me is getting more and more aware of this and notices things and sends them back in time to me. I can only see what I will see by my own eyes in the future, if the event doesn't happen or some parts of it changes, it means you slipped out of the main lane (changed something because of the "knowledge that was gotten to early") I'm still not sure if this counts as the "jumping out of the main story line" and changing the future or it should of happened anyway, but I know one thing - to change what you saw Is very very hard + notice it already happening to change it.
So anyways I bought the ticket I saw total 14 numbers in my mind out of 7 numbers needed, I picked my 7 numbers out of those total 14 I came up whit and now waiting for tomorrow to see if any of my 3 number sets were right - I only bought 1 ticket and wrote 1 number set - Funny thing is I already know its ain't right lol! but I know that out of those 14 numbers I wrote down 7 will be the winning ticket numbers of tomorrows lottery broadcast. If its a success I will let you all know cheers
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Hey everyone ^^ , I want to share something (precognition)

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