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 Telekinesisis real!

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John Simon
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Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Telekinesisis real!   Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:22 pm

Hello all.

I am new here and in search of people who wish or want to understand and develop their own abilities. One of them is telekinesis.

Telekiensis is (according to what I've red online so far) the ability to move or influence objects without touch. This is all I have understood online from what I have red. Smile I can't give you a scientific explanation about telekinesis, but I can tell with my own words how is my telekinesis manifesting and how I got it in the first place.

It all began when I was six years old when I got the first manifestation of this ability. It was like something ''snaped'' literary, in my head when my father died. I have felt that ''explosion'' in my right side of the head, the right side of my brain. From that day on, this ''ability'' manifestated more intense day by day untill I was 19 years old. After that, I tried to harness and control it at will... but the thing is that I got more abilities than I've bargain for.
 The manifestations were like:
- many times when I was watching a window or water glass, or something made out of glass, in the next moment it shatered;
- my senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste and some extra senses which I would like to explain) were sharper and have sharpened and keep geting sharper;
- I can hear my phone ringing but normaly is not, because instantly I take it out of of my pocket and I see that it isn't ringing... not flashing, anything... but in my head I am still hearing it... after 5-10 minutes at the most, my phone is ringing, or somebody actualy is calling me!... I got documented on the internet again and I foud that this is some sort of premonition;
- increased phisical strenght... (I can lift a person with a weight of almost 200 lbs with just one hand, and I am not a bodybuilder or a fitness couch);
- I can see much better in complete darkness!
- many times I know what people feel exactly or their mood or what are they thinking about me or about anybody;
- from time to time I know exactly what are their thoughts, word by word!;
- when I go to somebody's house I can feel if a person died in that house and in what room or place from that house!;
- I can feel entities such as ghosts, or negative energies!;
- I can manipulate air or the flame(s) from the cadle(s).

 In essence these are some of my abilitites that started since I was a kid! I don't know and I am not sure untill this day what is really going on with me, but I am doing meditation every day to try and find out how to control these ''abilities'' much better.

Here are some of my videos as proof:

In this video I'm spining a piece of paper at will! I'm not using any tricks nor followed some sort of magic course, prestidigitation (as some of you thought), nor a mentalist, etc. What you see is what you get! This is true telekinesis!!!

In this video as you can see I can make the candle flame smaller with the help of telekinesis! Again, no tricks used or anything related to that.

Here I am using telekinesis to bend the candle flame in all directions! As you can see I cand make it even to twich.

In this video I have made a live demonstration to one of my friends who didn't believe me. I told him what I can do and he still was a skeptic. After the demonstration he said to me that I am generating air with my fist, and I have said that this is true! But, to generate air with your fist is hard, to direct it in a certain direction is harder and to blow out all or at random a candle flame without affecting the other is the hardest. I would call this air manipulation or air bending.

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Telekinesisis real!

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