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 Practising Third eye reading blindfolded

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Practising Third eye reading blindfolded Empty
PostSubject: Practising Third eye reading blindfolded   Practising Third eye reading blindfolded EmptyTue Jun 07, 2016 10:51 am

i saw a video on youtube

watch it if you want some motivation
The idea would be that one could draw a picture, or a bunch of pictures, send it to another who could "read" those pictures with a blindfold on

The reason i am saying its a 2 person game is because if you try to draw a lot of images to yourself and then randomly play them back to read, then the logical part of your brain would try to remember and figure out what it was but if we play it together that would make it much easier to eliminate the left hemisphere as much as possible
who's interested?
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Practising Third eye reading blindfolded

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