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 Precognitive dream about a stranger

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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Precognitive dream about a stranger    Fri Nov 20, 2015 3:36 am

I had a dream more then a year ago.
I saw and listen somebody talk about a project in a brick building, I also thought I had to keep my space there humble and do not be materialistic. Then I woke up I was really happy and I thought that is going to happen! But I quickly rationally realize that wasn't about me and I thought -well that's a really special dream I hope he/she will enjoy it..- I wished that was for me.. But I do not have the money even for think it. Then I forgot about it.

I had some precognitive dreams in the past but I was in it, some ways. Once I have found a mirrow in a ten minutes strange experience when I did know what was going to happen and I had also strange body feeling, that time I was young and scared, I walked away from that experience.

Now I am ready to know more about that kind of experience and I am having some strange memories about dreams but it is more like remember you had a dream about that, and I even need a while to get it.

Well the strange fact about the last one is that it is not about me. I have watched a documentary and I remembered the dream (the one about the building). I didn't know who had to live it and if I didn't saw that scene in video I would ever know it, or remember it.

How is possible to have a dream about a piece of life of somebody else, somebody you do not know, never met and who is not even from a place near where I live?

Plus I feel stupid because it is like a old memories and it is not so real like when it happen before to me and if I think
maybe I have something to share with that person
maybe I have to move in that place and see what happen
maybe is for have the courage
well that's totally unrational,
I do not know that person, and I cannot believe I will..
Ah.. I do not usually remember my dreams they fly away as soon as open my eyes.

Do somebody, hopefully Mark Mauvais, have a opinion-idea-answer about that?
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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Re: Precognitive dream about a stranger    Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:54 am

Mjr wrote:
How is possible to have a dream about a piece of life of somebody else, somebody you do not know, never met and who is not even from a place near where I live?

Paradoxical, right? I've gotten the impression that paradoxes grow from contradicting assumptions. I mean, you could consider yourself a cloud of awareness, which is not restricted to a single body.

This way you could tune into (focus on) other people or places by following a net of similarities (similarities with your current emotional state). You could possess people by merging with their cloud of awareness. Or perhaps you could even be living a lot of lives simultaneously altogether.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself as just a personality within a body, it would be very difficult to try and explain how that sort of dreams are even possible. And yet they occur .. right?

I've noticed that as I fall asleep, my bodily memories slowly fade away. As I wake up, the dream memories smoothly fade away only to be replaced with bodily memories. Attempts to access bodily memories from within dreams have so far caused the body to boot up (eventually causing me to wake up). There have been a few dreams, where I have entered other bodies. Quite soon after entering, I've become convinced that I'm in my own body (because memories came with the body). Not only does this apply to bodies, but any dreamscapes.

Somehow there are a lot of people, whose thoughts seem to be synchronized with mine. Somehow there are several people, whom I feel like I've known since their birth when in reality I'm seeing them for the first time. I don't even remember having had any dreams involving them. Another peculiar observation - I sometimes see people as different aspects of myself, or in other words, I see myself in others.

Exciting stuff.
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Precognitive dream about a stranger

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