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 Chronokinesis - The truth behind time #2 - How to slow down time

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PostSubject: Chronokinesis - The truth behind time #2 - How to slow down time   Tue Jul 07, 2015 8:19 am

Slowing down the clock - Basics of time control

The moment the tick of the clock echo's through the plains of your consciousness, you acknowledge it as a second. You acknowledge it as a static state law, never to change. Because one second is...well...one second. The theory of relativity says otherwise...

An amazing man known as Albert Einstein grew up in Germany in the late 1800's. By 1905 Einstein had rocked the foundations of physics with his theory of relativity. In basic terms, the theory states that space has a profound effect on time. The 2 main elements of space is, mass and speed. Let's begin with mass and time. If you were to stand next to the great pyramids of Giza, you would be living in a slower time zone to the people around you. You would both experience time the same; one second is one second but, you would be in a zone where matter decays slower. This is because mass has a drag effect on time. It can be thought of in terms of a bed sheet and a metal ball. Imagine you and me are holding a bed sheet from each corner in the air. Now, let's stay I put a big metal ball right in the centre of the sheet, what would happen? The ball would slightly create a dip in the sheet. Seeing the sheet as time and the ball as mass, mass bends time around it. Speed also has a profound effect on time. Think of it like this, two twin brothers have their twentieth birthday together. On their birthday, one decides to travel around space in a ship that travels 99.9℅ the speed of light. After 7 years, the brother in space decides to come back to earth. Both brothers have experienced time as 7 years, so they technically are both 27. However, because travelling at 99.9℅ the speed of light has a 1 to 7 time lag, the brother who went to space is biologically 21. Physically, 1 year past for him. In actuality it was 7 years. Very similar to rolling a small rubber ball across that bed sheet from earlier. The faster you roll it, the less it is going to be pulled towards the metal ball; whereas, if you were to roll another rubber ball at the same time, but at a slower pace, it would be pulled towards the metal ball. My friends, welcome to the world of relativity!

From the text above, we can see how time is only a perception. And, as we know, perceptions can be changed. Today I will be teaching you how to change your perception of time. By doing this, you can experience time faster or slower. Thankfully, this is purely a psychological process and not a physical one. If it was a physical process, I would have you running around in a circle, holding a white dwarf star until you reach a few thousand miles per hour...sorry...science jokes T_T.

So, how are we going to do this? I'm going to give you the simplest method I have ever used. You are going to need a nice quiet place to meditate and an analog clock. If you don't have an analog clock, you can go onto YouTube and search up "analog clock 10 minutes", or you can download this app my friend made here (only for android devices) - insert link here.

As I said above, this is really simple. Sit down in your chosen position. It should be comfortable. Breathe in through the nose into the base of the belly. Notice how your belly rises and falls. When you're ready, let go of your breath with a little bit of pressure. Acknowledge how the air feels on your lips or nose. Continue this for a while, until you feel calm and relaxed. It's now time for the clock. Listen to the ticking sound of the clock, and feel each tick echo throughout your body. Stay in this state for a few minutes. When you feel ready to move on, try to align your in and out breath with the ticking of the clock. Take some time to notice the rhythm of the clock. Whenever you like, I'd like you to use your out breath to push the tick back. Basically, visualise a clock ticking in sync with the actual ticking of the real clock. Start to see the hand of the clock moving slower. Try to push the hand back with the out breath. Just like when you are walking, and a giant gust of wind hits you. It slows you down. The exact same concept applies here. Some people find it easier to visualise them self being the clock, and simply slowing the rotation of the second hand. You can apply very similar visualizations for speeding the clock up. Just see it all getting faster. All I ask of you is that you find your own technique and way of training. We are all unique and different for a reason. 1 technique is not going to work for everyone. Experiment a bit. Have some fun. And remember to BREATHE.

By Spirit Talks
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PostSubject: Re: Chronokinesis - The truth behind time #2 - How to slow down time   Wed Jul 08, 2015 5:19 am

Time is an illusion, created by us. Couldn't be "Time" the order of which individual particles interact with each other? If the universe ends up expanding faster that the speed of light, then there won't be any colissions between individual particles, therefore there won't be any concept of "Time" as we know it. A physical way to modify our perception of time would be compressing or expanding our brains, shortening or lengthening our brain connections would make the difference. It's practically impossible. Through meditation and chemicals we can in fact improve our brain activities, which resolves in a dilation of Time.

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Chronokinesis - The truth behind time #2 - How to slow down time

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