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 im done with logic

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PostSubject: im done with logic   Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:23 am

today has been absolute shit, yet the luckiest day ever, i decided to go to the  $ store and ended up with my items costing around 24$  and it just so happend that i got a rare 10 $ discount the lady i paid said thats so rare it almost never does that, so then i decided to go to the gas station and get a lotto ticket and on every ticket i got i won 3 $ for every amethyst stone i had in my pocket i had 3 stones so thats 3$ a stone i got 3 more tickets with each stone, then my dad had a crash this morning and knocked out a telephone pole  threw someones yard(of which he just walked away from with a blister from the airbag) i paid for the towing cost which wouldve put me in 100$ but yet mysteriously i had an unexplained 50$ that shouldnt have happened WHAT THE FUCK LOGIC????
through all of these events i was carrying my bloodstone, amethyst and other mysterious rock they sent either these rocks i got have been blessed by god or some witch doctor on ebay blessed my particular bag i didnt believe they worked at 1st i was like ooooh pretty rocks XD im a believer now

from states of ain soph aur
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im done with logic

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