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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: ---Ascencion---   Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:25 pm

Is there any way to return to an ascended consciousness?

I don't mean this conventionally either.

I mean that I was at one point an ascended consciousness.

I now wish to understand if there is any returning to such an understanding?

Don't give me the "Keep trying" talk please, I'm looking for serious answers, and I don't wish this question be sullied by speculation.


Seeing all energy, all the time.
Not being able to repel others energies
Being a beacon of hope for this planet
Traveling to other planets, knowing not where I was in space itself
Though always knowing where I was physically
Seeing far into the cosmos
Seeing our universe in its entirety, at all times

(I beleive that last one is ultimately called "God" conciousness)

I wont be arrogant, but I wont lie either.

Light spirit

Dark spirit

Want to know more about these? Thats an extremely long chapter, because it lasts until I check myself into the hospital.

If anything, I'm looking for REAL answers, to reverse the effects of these drugs:


This is pretty much turning into a plea for help, but if you really want to know what I've been through, find any way to contact me and I'll explain everything. Be ready for a lot of information, and stop me if I'm flashing my life before your eyes.

Well, thanks. I dont really know what else to say, but feel free to speculate a little. I'll answer anything you have trouble understanding here without a problem.

and Markus,

Check your fan page. You can contact me there. I have questions of my own.
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Mark Mauvais

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PostSubject: Re: ---Ascencion---   Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:24 am

Well, my first question would be for how long have you not been ascended?
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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Re: ---Ascencion---   Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:28 am

Hello Zeo, I would very much like to hear about your story so far in life, up till this point, it sounds very interesting, you can share it here if you'd like (i'm sure others would be very interested) or if you want to keep it kind of private you can send me a private message on the forums Smile

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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Re: ---Ascencion---   Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:31 pm

8 months since.

Looking into all natural ways to activate these closed pathways again.

I'll say more as we go. I need to collect myself a bit as well.
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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Re: ---Ascencion---   Mon Aug 19, 2013 7:22 am

Here's something I wrote awhile ago so its not an authentic topic, but hey, you asked about my life up till now. Here's a little bit of it. I don't recall what I wrote, but every word in here is absolutely without a doubt in my mind %100 true. (To me)


Names Zeo (Mike)

When I was 19, I had a brain aneurysm

Then a type of Schizophrenia, that I don't believe to even be what the medical term describes.

Hearing voices can be fun at times, but when I was first starting out, I had a serious problem inside my head, causing me terrible headaches, and the voices were only as compassionate as their own patience limited them to be.

I didn't trigger this, it was a little boy who lived next door to me that started to read my thoughts. After that, the madness never ended.

I went into the hospital because any time someone would "Think" in my direction, the wall would crack through.

I went into the hospital for this, and when I got out I stood in my room and laughed as the entire room creeked and cracked around me.

Not good times.

One time I saw a purple thing in the screen of my TV, and when i pointed it out to my friends, they saw it too, but when I looked in further, I scared a little girl across the way, and she yelled "Mama" so I stopped.

I've learned alot over the years.

I've seen the shadows of dead men standing at the top of my stairs, and so have my friends. They thought it was me, and I didnt understand till I saw it too.

The same shade followed me through the woods one night.

Still, something else as well. When the voices became too much I would ask myself if there was a god, and my ceiling would crack, and I would feel these three spirits fliying above my house in a circular pattern.

The anuryism would soon leak its pressure and calmly go down, and all while I was telling the voices I could handle it. They were compassionate for my pain at times and that was one of the times they actually left me be when I asked them to.

I was skilled at meditating then, I could flex my brain, and cause my house to nearly crumble when I let it go.

After the bleeding had gone and I was saved from that terrible momment, I would experience something awesome/strange.

I would be standing in my kitchen, just talking to my friends who were unaware of what I was about to see.

A huge ball of light comes flying through my house, and I see it, but dont look at it, just with my eyes. It faded through dimensions. Came on trully strong, and flew very fast but shrank progressively and seemed to have faded through space itself, like between dimensions.

About .7 seconds after it vanished I got a HUGE volt through by brain, like an electro shock inside my skull, on the left side, where I saw it.

I cringed and yelled out, and asked my friends "Did you see that?!" but it was out of their veiw.

Trully bright. I never figured out what that was, or why it hurt so badly after the fact.

I would have many many different chats with voices all around, and even an apperance from my recently deceased father who would try to scare the life out of me in order to pop the aurysm.

Of course I wasnt scared. I think I saw him coming.

I would move to FL from NJ, and things would get a bit weirder.

I would experement with a few psycidelics, and that would make things a lot more, and I mean a LOT more 'physical'. Given my past.

I would be able to zap peoples dark energy from across the world, and feel their empathy as well. I would keep adding it to this little ball of darkness beneth my feet. Foolish I was.

People didnt understand, they couldnt control themselves. Suggestion was so easy, and so hard not to. It was like retraining myself to walk again, in order to not force someone to do something. The strong would resist, and even me being strong would have trouble resisting their resistance. It was a vicious cycle.

I would learn of my two souls. The light, and the dark. They would live inside me. The light would take prevalance, and I would not force, but 'let' the dark meditate within. A learning experience for them both.

The light would astral project at will, and fly about unrestrained. Fixing little things here or there. Fighting back the evil things that wished to forcibly gain access to heaven, and spill the good energy within.

He would be given gold. A sword, a sheild, and plating for his wings.

They were heavy, and only nessicary when needed.

Oh my, I think I just accidentally did it again. Everyone brace for it.. I think its happening all over again.

Well, to continue..

Knowlage is power, yes?

We share this knowlege.

Kind of..

In the physical sense we have to learn, but in the spiritual sense we already know.

Ooh, they are reading along again. The voices have been very quiet up until this momment. Dont fret though. I have my control.

There is a boy, he keeps jumping out to meet my spirit, and he keeps trying to force his wings out.

I just taught him how to let them come naturally.

He said "We share knowledge" telling his elders.

I'll leave him be. He's but a boy, I know whats out there. Its no place for the young.

Thoughts? I still have more.. Much more.
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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Re: ---Ascencion---   Mon Aug 19, 2013 7:25 am

Weird, but *shudder* alot in here, I don't even morally agree with in a past sense.

Use that as a breaking grounds for more conversation. I've been at an all time low if you would imagine.
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Jake G.
Psychic Jedi Knight
Psychic Jedi Knight

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PostSubject: Re: ---Ascencion---   Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:39 am

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PostSubject: Re: ---Ascencion---   

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