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 A new Begining

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A new Begining Empty
PostSubject: A new Begining   A new Begining EmptyMon Jan 02, 2017 11:30 am

sorry had to remove e-mail site rules pm for it

hello and thanks for reading, I can only type so much and what you’ll read is condensed but hopefully captures some of my intent. Feel free to e-mail me at (e-mail) or on kik at jeremyg.Crimsonsoul as I will be spreading this message across many media’s. please refrain from labeling this as spam as i will do my best to reply on all medias i post to individually as well. I currently reside in Canada, Ontario, Niagara Region and am looking to join or gather more like minded individuals under one roof/community. I believe change will only come if we seek it so let this be my first step into doing so. I plan to elaborate on much of this if requested but only to those with intent on possible future long term relations.
I am looking to create/join with or even just converse with a individual/group who understands the possibilities this world and our bodies truly have to offer In regards to “chakra” and of the likes. I ultimately hope to create/join a community that can change this world for the better in time.
Whether I live as a hermit in solitude up north, meditating to feel chi for the first time (as is the backup plan if given a lack of options) to the day I unlock all the 3rd dimensional chakras, my strive for spiritual growth will forever now be underway. I hope to spread the knowledge I gain and insight I have to those that can do good with it and take on the roll of a teacher once enlightened myself. I will help create/join a sanctuary where we can further ourselves both spiritually and physically.
A few weeks ago I unknowingly at the time started a new chapter in my life that began when researching the mandela effect. After thinking/researching about so many theories and seeing much "evidence" of chi/spirit energies of the likes and the evidence behind the lies western schooling and media engraved into my mind. I came to a conclusion every day & moment since, as if i could no longer lie to myself, something inside me just wouldn’t sit right and it was/is unbearable. I was raised christian light heartedly but was agnostic, I’d describe it as simply not looking past my own eyes. Now the only thing that can begin to describe my mentality would be Omnism or rather the acceptance of a higher power and the mentality to take everything with a grain of salt. But i know even more must change within myself, and I’m trying to further myself from any worldly attachments while keeping only love in every intent as this is what i understand to be the only truly pure intent god had/has for life.
The last 21 years of my life have been miss guided, lead by western beliefs I sought material stability through college education to gain a career I thought bearable. If you want a list of the video’s I watched or articles read over the last few weeks that helped re-shaped my understanding or rather lack of understanding of life and this world as i knew it then just know that not one individual Video/thought can be accredited to changing me but the accumulation and meditation on said information was more powerful then any influence in my life to date.
By the 5th of January 2017 will conclude my 2 week notice at my current job and thus my last responsibility/tether in canada. Resource wise most notably I have a car and ~5k at my disposal with OSAP chipping ~200 ish a month away. I only speak english unfortunately and would prefer to reside in a community that can speak english aswell, for now atleast. In regards to chi I am still very new and in the early steps of finding it within myself. Depending on what we can come together with there is no set time frame for anything merely the notion of the soon the better.
It's my preference to stay in canada simply because of convenience not a requirement, If the opportunity to move in with or near another/others who are furthering their spiritual/chakra/telekinetic/etc capabilities arises or if you would be willing to move into a new place with a bunch of others feel free to e-mail me at (e-mail) or on kik at jeremyg.Crimsonsoul .
The reason I’m leaving my current home and life is in part to find a more contemplative environment to cultivate my spirituality and eventually create a community of like minded and practiced people who can benefit from the daily interactions and co-operation of said people. While I wish to jump into this world of possibilities head first I must preserve a level of privacy and cation as we move forward. I realize it’s as much a risk to my life as to yours in moving in with other wise complete strangers and over time and conversation we can only hope to bridge these barriers.
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A new Begining

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