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 Ultimate Chakra Activation: Meditation Guided by Sine Waves

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PostSubject: Ultimate Chakra Activation: Meditation Guided by Sine Waves   Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:05 am

This soundtrack may act as a guide for the 2 major states of meditation, Contraction and Expansion, by tuning yourself to the frequencies of 4 chakras which are naturally harmonic as a 7th chord is produced.

Contraction is the state where the energy is accumulated and concentrated at the sacral plexus, "one's own base", also known as the lower Dantian, "elixir field" or "sea of chi/energy". Each breath may carry or help carrying the energy (through the spine/Nadi) from the universe to the sacral plexus. This is enabled by activating Throat, Heart and Root chakras. Throat chakra once activated allows the energy from the breath and the third eye to move downwards, being attracted by the activated Heart and Sacral chakras.

Contraction is also what Eastern Martial Arts, such as Qigong and Mo-pai Neikung, emphasise the most. Building up the energy within one's body immediately provides the sense of composure and security, and helps to understand the nature of the energy. However, this approach alone is not advised as one should be able to feel the energy through the third eye before concentrating a large amount of energy in one's body. The outcome of excessive contraction without adequate expansion is inability to concentrate the energy (you can't feel it, you can't collect it) or adverse effects which may be fatal (unnaturally forcing energy to concentrate and remain in the body is obviously harmful).

Expansion is the state where the concentrated energy at the sacral plexus is "radiated" (as supported by Yoga philosophy) upwards through the activated solar plexus to the third eye and outwards (that is, to form one's own energy field with the spine as an axis, and to interact with the energy fields of particles, objects, plants, animals and other humans, and the multi-dimensional universe) through the crown chakra. There are numerous frequencies emitted by living beings and spirits, which can contain a vast amount of information including thoughts, emotions, health, etc. One's energy field can not only be used to interpret other energy fields (telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition) but to influence them (telekinesis, teleport, dematerialisation); influencing may be done in 2 ways: Forceful energy interaction as usually done by martial artists or Command from the higher being to the lower being.

Third Eye, "command", also known as the upper Dantian, allows you to conduct the energy accumulated in your body as well as the infinite energy from the universe. One may ask why need to have the energy concentrated in the body when the energy is already abundant in the universe. That's because to use the energy from the universe, one must create energy flux. Actually 2 years ago, I wrote about how the energy flux is not only the great way for things like telekinesis but to accumulate the energy within your body:
http://psychicinvestigation.forumotion.com/t623-how-to-build-up-energy-in-you-ultimate-deduction  although now I think about it, the energy flux alone is insufficient for great energy accumulation -- yes, Contraction is what we need in conjunction with Expansion; Expansion alone will only lead to dispersion of the energy. Hence, here I provide the 2 sets of frequencies for the 2 states of meditation one needs in order to advance spiritually.

Not to mention the Crown chakra "Thousand-petaled" resembles the wings with 'thousand feathers' of the Hermes staff, one may appreciate that the 3 Dantians are in fact the Converging points of the helical energy coil. Naturally, activated "channel chakras" (Crown, Throat, Solar Plexus, Root) act as active gateways of the energy flow while the activated "convergence chakras" converge the energy before one decides to push it through the channel chakras.

Note, being at the centre, the Heart chakra is vital for both Contraction and Expansion. It is The Primary Centre where the energy is converged First for either Contraction or Expansion -- i.e. the activated Heart chakra pulls the energy from Third Eye or Sacral plexus through activated Throat or Solar plexus, respectively. I speculate after this, the energy moves to activated Sacral Plexus or Third Eye, supported by activated Root or Crown, following the initial direction of the energy movement -- i.e. initial energy movement from Throat/Solar plexus to Heart provides Momentum to skip a chakra, hence not requiring activation of the skipped chakra (Throat or Solar).

All these are primarily based on A21's energy perception and intuition.

Many thanks to Gabriel Hiram and Jamie Buturff.

All individual sine waves, created by Gabriel Hiram, can be listened at:

Details about the frequency of each chakra are explained by Jamie Buturff at:
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Ultimate Chakra Activation: Meditation Guided by Sine Waves

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