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 No more breaks

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Psychic Apprentice
Psychic Apprentice

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PostSubject: No more breaks   Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:48 pm

Hello, everyone. I probably haven't been as active, but I do check the forums everyday. And the bad news is, I have hardly done any psychic practice within the past year. Which is where the title comes, no more breaks. I will get back to my practices. I viewed my poll I posted a couple of months ago, and the most requested were "Continue Telekinesis," "Telepathy," "Precognition," and "Astral Projection."
I need some info on basic exercises to enhance these abilities, and some progress about you guys, and how you all are doing. Thing is, if I practice my Telekinesis in front of my family (they're always near me for some reason), they'll think I'm insane or stupid. My parents don't believe in this stuff, and my older brother is this mega-scientist guy that doesn't believe in anything that doesn't follow his knowledge of science.
Odds are, since I've had such a delay, I'll most likely have to start from the basics again. Any tips on how these can be achieved?

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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Re: No more breaks   Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:39 am

Damn, totally feel you because when I first practiced TK I did it in the living room and my whole family thought I was out of my mind (which was true in one particular way haha). My dad said ''I thought you grew up and stopped simulating super powers like kids do''. My mother said ''do you want me to make an appointment with a psychiatrist?''... It was at that moment that I realized I f*cked up. Never did it again lol. Now, they forgot about the incident and must be persuaded I stopped (which of course isn't the case hehe).

My progress? Well I'm still on the psi wheel exercise because I set myself at the very beginning that I should completely master the basics before moving on. I achieved, quite frankly, about 65% of my goal. Briefly, I can spin the wheel clockwise, anti clockwise, handsfree, eyes closed, and shake it up a little.
So far, I can confirm that the psi wheel exercise is like some theory driver of telekinesis. I mean there that it's a pretty solid method to develop and comprehend foundations of TK. Note that I struggled really hard the first days of practice but later with time the more I practiced the more things started getting easier.
I still can't describe accurately my sensations when I influence the wheel, however, I do know for sure that I establish some sort of psi connection between a realm of my mind and the target. What I find most fascinating and interesting during activity is that I don't actually command the wheel with words or any visualization technique but rather with intention - suggestion, as if I was using another form of language, another type of communication. Definitely, a peculiar manner of transmission, seemingly based on third eye or ESP intuition, apprehension, volition and much more of such array. Some may wonder how I initially connect with the wheel, here's the formula:
I don't need/want to understand anything and soon the wheel starts tuning with my mind on the same null understanding frequence level because practically a psi wheel doesn't reasonate or understand anything at first place. So pretty much I empty my mind then sync and finally connect; I put aside cognition and rely on connection instead. Right now, I don't need to empty my mind much because I developed enough connection, apparently I reached a point where I could just stare at the wheel and it'll spin, like how awesome is that. That's just the way telekinesis functions best for me and hopefully it'll work fine for others too. Smile

TL;DR: Sorry but you gotta deal with it aha.

Forsaken being surrounded by everything, always wandering in a maze of dreams and delusions with frights and doubts, forever seeking to embrace that spark of truth hidden within silence... Nothing.
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Har Siddhiswara
Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Re: No more breaks   Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:45 am

You would achieve more if you meditate most of the time, every day.
Meditate consciously:
Fix your sight at a point in space.
Blink as little as possible.
Let your tongue reach your palate where it should rest.
Mentally focus on your forehead.
Notice your state of awareness.
Notice your rate of breath.
Instead of thinking, focus on experiencing, your emotions, your sensations.
become aware of the rate of things, your breath, your emotional states, heat and cold, they follow a rhythm.
observe these rates, observe their intensity.
Practice this state of meditation on your everyday life, on any situation, seek to control the ability to get into this state of abstraction, of observation. See the difference between your self, who is experiencing, and yourself who is directing its attention. Your "I" observing your "Me"
As you get comfortable with this, then fix your point of attention at different objects, notice they are also on rhythm, see how they are never at rest, strive to see how they are already moving, vibrating, some are vibrating very little, at such lower rates that they appear to be at rest. But be sure that nothing is actually resting, if you strive enough you will see that everything is constantly moving.
Then notice how objects vibrating, are affecting each other and they are doing so rhythmically,like a pendulum, like the ocean. The air is like an ocean every move alters the whole, every ripple causing an effect. Return your awareness to yourself, see how you are immersed in this ocean, see within yourself, your attention is the cause of the ripple, your experience is the effect of your attention. Follow this path of attention and see how your rhythm is also manifest on your surroundings, as you observe things their rate, their rhythm changes, such as when you observe yourself. Because you are part of the all, and the all is interconnected. Telekinesis is the music that you project towards the all that surrounds you.
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Psychic Apprentice
Psychic Apprentice

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PostSubject: Re: No more breaks   Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:19 pm

Ehh it's okay, IRL stuff really does take a good chunk out of one's time n.n

But well, speaking from personal experience, good ol' meditation always seems to amplify my abilities, you just need to quiet down and listen REALLY hard on some sounds and voices you may have not heard when your busy with the physical world, at least, this is what works for me anyways ^^;

And as for my progress report, been pretty good at astral traveling, just need a 100% clarity when I go out of my body is all n.n

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PostSubject: Re: No more breaks   

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No more breaks

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