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 Sorry I'm Late

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Teresa Kinsley
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PostSubject: Sorry I'm Late   Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:33 pm

Soooo, I see things are doing okay here while I was gone. Welcoming new members & teaching each other new techniques of interesting psychic abilities. Good, good. Sorry I wasn't here for a long time. Things are very hectic here. Still. Wanna know why? This'll be a long, sad one.

1. At school, I take Driver's Ed every Monday (both driving & lecture). So I'm at school for approx. 11-12 hours. I wake up at 5:30am, bus comes at 6:20, arrive there at 6:40, got about time until 7:19 to socialise with my friends at the cafeteria (yes, in America, they allow you to hang out for 40 minutes before period 1 starts), go to Driver's Ed at 2:15-5:00, take a late bus right after, head home & do my homework for about an hour, have dinner with my parents at about 7:30, take a shower at 8:00, head to bed at 9:00 or 9:30. No meditation or telekinesis practices here, right. On the bright side, Driver's Ed finally ends on Jan 20th, which is a Wednesday, & I get to take the final exam. Hopefully, I'll pass.
2. Tuesday-Friday is only 2 hours short: no Driver's Ed. Depending on extra help after school, my school day ends at 2:10. So, I take an hour break on either TV or on YouTube, do my homework for a little hour, have dinner at 7:30, take a shower at 8:00, & go to bed at 9:00/9:30. That's not too bad. Thank goodness.
3. On January 18, 2015, I had a boyfriend: my age, goes to the same school I go to. On Valentine's Day, he told me he love me. A week later, we had our first kiss. However, things took a big turn when this school year started. He's mostly at BOCES, a program for the starts of future careers, about 10 minutes away from the school. So, I barely get to see him, but we keep our relationship close. (Now, you guys should be sitting down). Until the beginning of November, he asked me to take our relationship to the next level (protected sex), but I keep saying no because: I'm uncomfortable with it, I'm too young for it, & so is he, I'm worried about my parents' reaction when I agreed with it. On November 8, 2015, he broke up with me by text message. I was crying & screaming, very heartbroken, knocking things over, hitting myself on the head. The next day, I refused to go to school because of how depressed I am. Tuesday, I went. My bf tried apologising to me, but I refused to listen: You guessed it, I'm pissed off at him. Friday, I forgave him. But, on November 14, 2014, he broke up with me again (by text). I finally responded with a final note:
Him: Yeah, I suck...but that's okay. You'll find someone else.
Me: There's nobody else for me & you know that. Why don't you go fuck yourself & your girlfriend & leave me alone for good?! Stop hurting me!!
Him: Okay, I can do that
Me: & you don't even care about me. I was going to force myself to have sex with you so we can get back together. One more of this shit & I'll take a chance to commit suicide, making you guilty & hated for the rest of your life. You've made a big mistake, Charles. I hope your fucking happy & having the time of your life with your new girlfriend that you've only known for 2 months instead of being with me that you've known for a year now.
Him: I am happy. But I guess you're not.
Me: Wow. You are so pathetic you couldn't take this seriously. I don't want you to see me anymore in school, & I don't want you to call me, text me, or even talk to me. I want you out of my life so I don't have to deal with this shit over & over. I don't love you. Think about what you have done.
Him: K.
Pathetic, isn't he? Sorry. I have to share this. Men (especially boys) are pigs. Not you guys, too. You're all mature. So yes. It has been over a month, & I'm still mad at him. I hate him. The whole "commit suicide" thing is not real, but I do harm myself.
I do need help, & I know I need to be online more here on Psychic Investigations. I don't believe in good luck for myself, but I believe in good luck for others.
Thank you all for keeping this site up & helping each other. I'll be online more during Christmas break, hopefully.

I've been bullied, teased, cheated on, & have been pissed off even before my teen years. If all of that happened to me, it surely can happen to you. Sorry.
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Sorry I'm Late

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