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 Volunteers Wanted for Research Study

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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Volunteers Wanted for Research Study   Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:56 pm

Hello everyone,

First off I would like to say that I have been experimenting with mushrooms, dmt, and mescaline for quite awhile. I consider it a bygone hobby of mine and a particular phase of my life. From my many years of psychedelic experiences my focus has shifted to the nature of consciousness, as psychedelics has opened my mind to it. That is why I am posting this topic tonight, because I am hoping I can find volunteers for a thought experiment I am currently performing.

Now I know advertising isn't allowed, but I'm not trying to sell anything I'm just looking to pay volunteers to help me with my research. I only post it on here because I know most of you are open minded.

The research study involves performing mental exercises for about 5 minutes once per week. You can do it from home, and you can earn up to $50 a week. If you're interested please email me at thebravescientist@hotmail.com

Here is a link to my research paper:

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Psychic Apprentice
Psychic Apprentice

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PostSubject: Re: Volunteers Wanted for Research Study   Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:32 am

Hmm.........it's interesting, though here's a friendly advice (if you don't mind n.n;), I always think that the use of drugs eventually hampers one's natural psychic abilities in the long run........just my experience though Smile

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Volunteers Wanted for Research Study

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