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 Extremely Essential Self-Help Videos

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PostSubject: Extremely Essential Self-Help Videos   Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:32 pm

I've been here for a while and I've seen incredibly helpful videos and threads being posted on a day by day basis. I really enjoy seeing that. We are helping each other not only as some sort of community, but as one of the same spectrum.
I want to share with you in this thread 2 videos that I think are so profoundly important that they can eventually change your life. And it's not going to be this secret, ancient, mystical technique or anything.
As a matter effect it's not going to be even psychic related. It's going to be more profound. It's going to be about the things you avoid the most. Consciously or unconsciously. Who you are, and what truly is happiness.

Look at these videos with an open mind, cause the ideas might seem a little to much to accept at first:

This can help you in so many ways. During times of loneliness, desperation, stress and even your dating life. All those little thing has a strong core that we need to be very conscious about if we want to deal with them. And that is, what truly is happiness.
The next video is far more longer and advanced. So this is for that person who wants to take this concept further to the point of self realization and enlightenment. This is a long yet detailed video of just that:

These are two amazing videos from an amazing channel with different videos on different issues and struggles we have in our day to day life and how to deal with them. Wether it's shyness, depression, loss, self-esteem issues, romance/dating life and a lot more. So I would truly recommend it. Cause at the end it's what we strive for. That perfect and peaceful life. Have a great day guys. And not only look at these videos, but APPLY them. That's when you'll truly see the amazing results.
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Extremely Essential Self-Help Videos

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