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 astral projection trip

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PostSubject: astral projection trip   Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:45 pm

so i just astral projected . and while meditating i asked the almighty father to take me somewhere of unimaginable beauty. so we popped up in a desert and he told me. this is where the garden of eden once stood. the garden then started to form around us. there where waterfalls coming off of a huge stone wall beautiful flowers everywhere tall trees while we walked through the place i said how could man have thrown such beauty away? then i turned and asked. god, how do i use these abilities how do i unlock them further? he simply said believe in them like you believe in me. he then said i bestow in you powers beyond your wildest dreams but you and only you can unlock them to there fullest i said thank you i will see you soon father and when i came back i had my eyes shut and it was like i was staring at the sun. i opened my eyes and everything is pitch black O.o

ps i couldnt see his face, as it was the sun. he wore a white robe and was VERY tall
edit i know some of you arent religious but this is what i see everytime i ask god to take me somewhere. i dont mean to insult anyones beleifs at all

from states of ain soph aur
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astral projection trip

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