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 The Crown Chakra

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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: The Crown Chakra   Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:27 am


LOCATION: Top of the head
COLOR: Violet
NUMBER OF PETALS: thousand-petal lotus
PLANET: Jupiter
GENDER: Female
DAY: Thursday
FUNCTION: Enlightenment
INNER STATE: Bliss, intuition, psychic hearing and communication [along with the 6th chakra]

The Crown Chakra is known as the "thousand-petal lotus." The lotus is also known as a lily. Lily = "Lilith." In addition to each Demon as an actual living being, each Demon has his/her own spiritual message. Lilith rules the Crown Chakra. Satan rules the Base Chakra. Both the Base and Crown Chakras are a male and female couple and work together.

The crown chakra known as the Sahasrara in Sanskrit is at the top of the head, right on top. It is violet in color, and rules over the brain, the pituitary, and the nervous system. In allegory, its symbol is the thousand-petal lotus. This symbol goes back to Ancient Egypt. The seventh chakra when fully activated and opened, induces bliss states. Demons informed me it is ruled by the element of water. This chakra rules over all of the psychic senses, and is essential to telepathic communications. This chakra, contrary to popular teachings contains the third granthi, which is often the most difficult for the serpent to break through. When this chakra is blocked, one often experiences sensations such as the crawlies, as the serpentine energy is going around this chakra and not through it as it is supposed to.

Once awakened, you have no interest in judging those who sleep.

The Serpent in the Trees means more than it reads.
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Har Siddhiswara
Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan
Har Siddhiswara

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PostSubject: Re: The Crown Chakra   Fri Apr 24, 2015 5:40 am

The relationship between the muladhara Chakra and the Sahasrara starts endocrinaly. The first chakra is related to eliminatory part of the body, that are mainly the anus and the intestinal tracts. a very important compound is produced in the intestinal tract that is Serotonin. remember The base chakra is also the set of the kundalini. The kundalini ascention estimulates the rise of serotonin through the spinal cord. This serotonin is regulated by the pineal gland, the more your kundalini arises the more serotonin can be processed. Serotonin inhibits anger and aggression, which are symptoms of bad handling in the firts chakra. But serotonin also manages hunger, and sexual appetite, inhibiting them, meaning through the consciousness of seventh chakra detachment of the denser aspects of reality can be achieved. Not only this but also your humor, your sense of being, your body temperature and the fatigue or sleepiness, are managed by the pineal gland.
There is a total of 72,000 Nadis or energy channels. As far as i know Satanic approaches are based on the pattern of duality, deriving from a double genesis pattern, double flower- , seed-, fruit- and tree of life. Which is why you would be teached that there are 144,000. There are 72 Nadis which are vital for humans. Nadis are strings of sound current, vibrating. As the energy from sushmana, or the central nadi, is stimulated, it starts to vibrate. It is this vibration of the central cord that stimulates all 7 chakras. all 7 chakras are active, they cannot be inactive because without movement your are not, you die. this is simple to understand. Sahasrara means thousand-fold... when the sushmana vibrates the seventh chakra, 1000 thoughts are released in the most minimal amount of time. These 100 vibrations stimulate the 72 nadis, compounding and manifesting your body of 72000 Nadis. It is by this means that you acquire form in space-time.

The seventh chakra is beyond the 5 elements, or tattvas, which are but denser aspects of reality. In fact the sixth chakra has no element as well... the last chakra to have the most subtle of the dense elements is the fifth (ether). That is because in fact there are more than 5 tattvas or elements, but we mostly just perceive them 5 as far as material reality goes.
The crown chakra is also called the tenth gate. This is a reference to the 10 bodies that are produces as a result of sushmana vibrating the crwon chakra and the 72000 nadis.
The tenth body is the radiant body, your courage and nobility reside on and manifest form it. It is your power of radiance and gives you the ability to achieve everything. This is why the tenth body is also called all-or-nothing. It is the virtue of the tenth gate to achieve liberation. Consciousness of all 9 bodies needs to have been crossed. The ninth gate is typically associated with Satanism, this is because the ninth gate is the gate of Mastery. In the gate of mastery you are haunted by mystery, mystery seems to be manifesting, and mystery seems attractive and interesting. Mastery is the duality of Mystery. you can olny access master consciousness when you are released from the mystery of doubt. Doubt is generated by detachment of the counsciousness of unity. The ninth gate is the path for Satanism, which is centered on achieving liberation too. The difference is on the approach of liberation. Liberation through mastering the mystery is a dualized reality. You can escape union with everything and achieve your own Goddness, or universality, that would be detached from the oneness. But this also leaves you in a duality where you can manifest extremes, but lose Anahata. (the power of compassion, the neutral mind) without the neutral mind to bring about consciousness of consciousness, you become what you manifest, you become continuous consciousness and may live eternally. But you will be filled with a sense of detachment instead of one of unity.
Consciousness of the ninth body can be achieved compoundedly too. It is the acceptance of gods word, as the law. This is what manifests is manifesting through the mystery of god, but god is the answer, learning about the other bodies should have left you with empirical consciousness of them. These are gods aspects, everything is an aspect of God. This is the mastery of mystery and the mystery of mastery. If you hold yourself in this consciousness all answers shall come, no doubts shall arise.

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The Crown Chakra

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