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 body levitation

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PostSubject: body levitation   Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:12 am

since I started practicing my greatest desire psychokinetic abilities ah always been able to levitate my own body. investigate much and I realized that was not going down the side of telekinesis, but by the side of meditation. I made a couple of experiences but I think they have only been on the astral plane and not the real. But sim is an incredible experience.
my intention this time is a little guide on how serious learning this technique at least in mental plane.
what to do is get the state of theta consciousness (at least in my case) when you know you're in that state must scroll as your body becomes lighter, the concentration is an important point, you should intention to start to ascend. the most difficult is to stay focused because your mind should be on the same frequency. if you get your body started initially vertically up slowly. as it is the first time and maintain the concentration is impossible will make you long ascend a few feet and then descend as you lose concentracion. you can repeat many times as you want sometimes will sometimes just meters will feel a leap of millimeters.
as extra data depends on the visualization you have varying experience. often feels like you seize every one of your limbs and you lifted.
is that not many tutorials about this and did not explain how to achieve an altered state of consciousness. but I think it's time to start making others to try and grow up more than me because as I said it was my greatest desire at a time and never perfect from that point. I hope that think about this. thx.
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body levitation

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