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 unheard of psychic abilities asking for help

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Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: unheard of psychic abilities asking for help   Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:10 pm

I am psychic in my country everybody can hear and see through my mind as I like to call it. I am looking for I formation about this in the past. I found it in the Bible but I am trying to find out more answer . and that is just the beginning in 2000 I had my first vision and I call it a vision cause everything is coming true. The people in my country has Me as a Antichrist ,well I know if you are a true person who love psychic want to know more. But I want is to find a way from them stopping them from hearing and seeing. I do meditation about 20 min right now cause I work but I want to do 24 hours.I learn to hear the sound of sound waves most of the day and sometime I can control it but I don't play with cause it can hurt people mind and cause damage . I am learning to read people mind better, u also feel there feeling, I can not seem to be controlling the energy that comes out of my hand but I do know that I can move thing with matter cause one day I was trying to pop a tire after two hours I poped the tire,I don't care nothing about that stuff all I want to do is stop them from hearing my mind and seeing.well hope to hear from someone , and thank you
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unheard of psychic abilities asking for help

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