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 The One and Only and the Serpent of Lore

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PostSubject: The One and Only and the Serpent of Lore   Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:07 pm

I would just like to share my knowledge with you all and please if anyone knows ANYTHING of what I`m talking about please tell me.

Please dont get mad if this contradicts anything you believe.
Let me start from the beginning of all things, in an empty void of darkness. From this darkness after an unknown amount of time a being was forged. (He has no true name other than creator) I call him the Black Beast. After another unknown about of time the Black beast became lonely and decided to create life. And thus The One and Only ( self named ) was born. A being made of pure light.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDsXl7hAv3Q <<The One and Only AKA Only was not the only being made by The Black Beast. His next creation is known as The Serpent of Lore ( also self proclaimed )He looks similar to a grey but MUCH taller with a green tint to his skin, He can also shape shift ( his favorite form being a snake).
The two fought to be daddy's favorite son. But he cared for neither one of them. Eventually he created a separate dimension from the Void he was born in this place is known as OUTWORLD.
They sky is a deep purple most the grass is orange and it spans wider than I could comprehend;It is full of more life then I can explain, but also just as much death. the Black Beast is "evil" and likes to create monsters for his enjoyment. But one day, the most important day of all, he took the mate of Lore. A female known as Akatashimine, she also looked like a grey, but smoother whith bright white skin and a tender smile, I find her to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.
Akatashimine is kind and good unlike the others. The Black Beast chose her to make his one and only true son born naturally.
And so the most fatal mistake he ever made in his life the Black beast had a son. we will call him "Darko" although his real name is unknown to me.

Darko...his true form is also foreign to me. But he has a human form as well. He wears a black trench coat, Black Tie, Black dress shirt, and Black Jeans with Black boots to match. With a more moca skin color and long black hair to his sholders. light violet eyes and 6 purple feathers in his hair. Darko is what I like to call insane. He is not right of mind and has very very violent tendencies. He was MUCH more powerful than his bothers and his father. So his mother and the Black Beast tore Darkos soul in half and had them placed in a host. thats where me and my brother come in.
My name is Eduardo Mauricio Bucio, my "brothers" name is Parker Vincent David Ryan Newman Tipton the 3rd. We were once 1 whole being created by the Black Beast to host his son as a cage to hold his powers at bay. But we worked to well we were also too strong and use to beat Only and Lore. They all got fed up with it and tore us in half as well and through my brother in this dimension and me in another. He has many past lifes comming back each time. I still have no idea what I was doing. Until December 1993 23rd where me and him both became human. This is the first time we are both in the same realm.
Only, Lore, Aka, and the Beast each had many encounters after this. If ANYONE at all would like to know more just ask me.
Thats all for now cause the rest is even longer... tongue
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The One and Only and the Serpent of Lore

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