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 I thought this could maybe fit under Religous Discussion but I think it doesn't

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PostSubject: I thought this could maybe fit under Religous Discussion but I think it doesn't   Tue Oct 28, 2014 4:20 pm

So many of you may not believe in God. For you who already believe in God and Christ keep reading, for those who don't keep reading. First off I just want to warn you that you may be attacked by demons (fallen angels) or Satan himself as you read this but don't be afraid and keep reading. Let's just say if there was a God (for those of you who don't believe) would you love him? This is possibly and I think definitely the most important question you will ever ask yourself. For those of you who believe in parallel realities then you definitely have to be open minded to the fact that there is a parallel reality in which God created everything and can destroy anything he pleases. If this is so then you must believe it is a parallel reality. Ok so if this is a parallel reality and since God is the one and only God in this reality then this is the dominant parallel reality of them all (since God created everything). No other God did and you could say oh well I thought of a God who did the same thing, but your parallel reality wouldn't be true because it can't exist with the one and only true and just God. Even if you did try and do such a thing in terms of creating a parallel reality your God wouldn't be truly right and just because there is only one truth and one way and that is God and his love for his children. All other God's fail because they do not follow the same principles and do not have hope for true salvation (you can figure out the principles on your own). This is all just a little visualization of what I am getting to. So anyways, there is one God, only one, that created everything. Second, since this God is real (for those of us who already believe, and for you who don't believe) what are you dedicating your life to? Are you going to dedicate it in struggling on your own two feet without the support of someone who can help you? Or are you going to take the free gift of God that is much much more powerful then you? If God is truly more powerful then you then why would you waste your time trying to strengthen yourself when you can have the free gift of God which is much more powerful and can extend your "spiritual" satisfaction beyond measure of what you currently understand? I just want to tell you my own personal experience. Basically, once I started believing in God again in my life I felt better then before. God is life, Jesus is life, without eating Jesus's body, and drinking his blood, ye have no life within you. This is for real. Try getting the body and blood at your local catholic church. I'm not catholic but I go to a catholic church and the feeling you get after eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ is much more satisfying then improving you telekinetic abilities. I believe all of this stuff is a desire to boost your ego. God doesn't want you to boost your ego. God wants you to love him and for you to receive his love. You can't do that while doing sorcery. Sorcery is a distraction from God. You can not serve two masters. Either you will love the one and hate the other or love the other one and hate the other one. God is much better then telekinesis. Trust me. I have practiced telekinesis before and it comes no where near to the joy you get from God. Just start off by believing that God is real and that Jesus is real, they are one as the Father and Son. They both are and are way older then Mark. Jesus existed before the foundation of the world. He loves you and God does too if not more so. You can trust that this love will make you want to be as close as you can be with the one loving you, because there is one that is loving you, more then you can understand and will ever be able to understand. I didn't believe for a long time. I believed in everything but God pretty much. Then one day I opened up a book and this may sound corny to some of you immature folk, but it basically said "when man searcheth with all his heart, there he will find God. That day I realized what I was truly missing in my heart the most out of anything else. God made aliens, psychic powers, and magical stuff seem so unimportant to me that I decided that day that I was going to live my life for God for the rest of my life. That was the best decision I have ever made. No regrets. I don't care about telekinesis, God and Jesus are way better and way more important to me. Look up the verse about Jesus saying why he speaks in parables. He says he does so because the people could not comprehend what he would say if he revealed the mysteries to them, so he revealed the mysteries to his disciples and spoke to others in parables. Your eyes are not opened because you don't believe, and your heart is hardened every moment by that. Once you open your heart to God and Jesus you will realize how real they are because they will reveal themselves to you especially if you ask. God wants you to willfully come to him. I believe that is how much he loves us that he actually gives you the choice to come to him or to draw farther away. Once you search your heart like I did you will realize that that is what you are missing. You will feel an emptiness in your heart that feels like it needs to be filled with something. That is how I felt, then I believed in God the Father and Christ his son that died for our sins and I felt immediately drawn but the temptation didn't leave immediately. Satan is real. Demons are real (fallen angels). They are deceivers and murderers. They will try as hard as they can to keep you from believing in God and distract you with telekinesis and aliens. Aliens I believe are fallen angels, possibly not all, but some I believe. Read the bible, it explains more if you are seriously interested in understanding the universe. They (fallen angels aka "demons") will and I mean will attack you and most likely as you are reading the rest of this to make sure you don't believe in what I am telling you. Trust me they will but once you are in God's hand nothing will take you out of it. Nothing can and nothing will. You will then feel in your chest to about your solar plexus region area a very, very (and I mean very as in extremely obvious) love that is totally powerful and will make you want to just cry in mourning and joy at the same time because of how truly great it is. God is way better then telekinesis and all things like that. He is the only one that can truly satisfy you. He did it for me and he does it for anyone who wants it through Christ, for no one receives the Father but by the Son. Do not think negatively about this. Jesus is way older then Mark and existed before the foundation of the world. He is God as the flesh as the Son. It's nothing negative. That is just what Satan is trying to make you think. I know you must believe in evil spirits otherwise I wouldn't even know why you are even thinking they exist in the first place, but the truth is that Satan is the head of all the evil spirits called demons, he is the original murderer, the original fallen angel, and the prince of darkness. He is not more powerful then God and once you are in God's hand you will be there forever he will never leave you or forsake you because Jesus died for all of our sins and all you have to do is believe in that one simple thing. But over here Satan is like, "You can't do this, you are too weak, you really want to sin, you really want to listen to Mark and not this weirdo". But don't listen to him, after a little while of you believing solidly, and it can happen immediately if you stick with it the very moment you start believing, Satan and his angels will leave you alone and they won't have any power on you. Remember that. Satan can not give you what you want. If you are truly open minded search your heart for God and see how much you are truly missing him. Do not be afraid to because it can be a very scary thing to do so. You will know what I mean when you search your heart. It will feel bitterly empty and painful beyond imagination but once you get through that part you will cry and laugh and never be afraid again (other then our Father of course who punishes his children just like any good dad should do when they're kid disobeys, but know that this is a very different kind of fear, a very healthy one to have indeed, one that can save your soul, and more importantly one that will push you to want to impress your Father in heaven and make him happy. It's kind of like being afraid of your parents as a little kid when coming home at midnight on a school night, they are mad, but only because they love you.) Just believe and feel the love. It is real, but only those who believe can perceive it. Just do it. Don't think that it is uncool because I used to, but now it is the best thing ever. Way better then when I did telekinesis. You will understand if you try. Don't be afraid. It can be a terrifying process.
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I thought this could maybe fit under Religous Discussion but I think it doesn't

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