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 Is it possible 2 damage ur third eye?

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PostSubject: Is it possible 2 damage ur third eye?   Sun Oct 05, 2014 7:55 pm

I remember i had accidently used  defected earplugs while listening  to 3rd eye chakra  music  on youtube in bed and than waking up with my ear drums pounding heavily , bad head ache and feeling my 3rd eye over stimulated, i havnt  attempted this again for a year now so hopeing no permanent  damage is done 2 my 3rd eye, was about an hr i was asleep but thought this was normal untill i saw the wire was torn apart as though an animal was eating away at,(never use dollar store earplugs!!!) i have used good  brand ear plugs now and no such effects occur, i want to start activating my 3rd eye again being that i didnt completely fry my 3rd eye._.All responces appreciated
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Is it possible 2 damage ur third eye?

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