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 Anyone know new techniques of levitation

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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Anyone know new techniques of levitation   Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:13 am

Anyone know new techniques of levitation Question Question
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Psychic Apprentice
Psychic Apprentice

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone know new techniques of levitation   Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:45 pm

visuallize the object keep getting lighter and lighter... and a wave of energy flowing from the ground to the sky and make the object floating...

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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone know new techniques of levitation   Thu Sep 25, 2014 8:21 am

I just had my third levitation experience today when waking from bed and also after studying some more about Daniel Dunglas Home when I saw Mark Mauvais had taken some interest in him after experiencing some sleep levitations as well.

Though there are likely different models to do it of varying difficulty, what i'd say about experiencing it this way is like there is a higher power or unseen force outside of you that can levitate your body and the bedcovers over it, with me during all the times it happened it was like something else or something outside of you was lifting you.

Daniel Dunglas Home is well known for levitation and many other psychic abilities dealing with the etheric said in his book that he never once had full control or command of these powers or manifestations and also was never sure of what would happen next when these consciousness states came about. That makes me wonder as these forms of the spirit world can also be very strange depending on what realm or etheric plane you're projected into so I wonder how much it's worth to explore the spontaneous way compared to slower internal cultivation methods that train the energy body and discipline of mind.

Anyways here is how it happened to me based from my studies. I remember D.D. Home was talking about rapping noises and other strange noises in his house growing up as a child, later on this effect manifested into spontaneously moving objects such as tables. I had also since the past month moving to Virginia experienced these rapping noises or strange sounds going through the house also which my sister and niece could hear, which in part of I think is a part of someone's omnipresence and expanded consciousness outside of the body, and today I took more awareness of this effect, which can take a wide range of varying strange nonverbal noises, but mainly as if something is bumping into a wall upstairs or making walking thumps on the floor, even anything as slight as a cracking sound going through the doors when everything is still and quiet.

Basically I just took awareness of that effect and noticed it more and more until I started hearing those thumping noises and a random cracking sound closer to me, and before that I had taken a hot bath, then after the water drained just layed there as the water dried in silent laying meditation feeling my entire body beat like a heart, and also these deep channels of energy that started building more in my forearms.

After that I went to rest and when woke up was able to levitate for some moments (initiating the levitation after waking) though it felt creepy as if done by an unknown unseen force that was beyond the energy training I had currently been going for, but was still a very interesting experience.

There are ways to naturally do it waking up also I believe as i've heard about these types of experiences many times, though the bathtub method I just described where you do a meditation with and without water in the tub after your body heats up before going to rest may initiate things quicker, and also taking awareness and connecting to expanded states of consciousness.

Still these effects of journeying are spontaneous and i've even experienced instantaneous physical healing of cuts on my hand in the moments of laying in bed before rest also, so a big part of it is also up to how well you can handle and perceive the unknown and also not to get too caught up in false mysticism such as demons, etc. that don't concretely exist in this reality and are more of a subjective/judgemental concept of one's own inner worlds. Hope you enjoy whatever happens in the future and good luck on your journey. You should also study and become comfortable some with energy sight/ESP or clairvoyancy.
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PostSubject: Re: Anyone know new techniques of levitation   

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Anyone know new techniques of levitation

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