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 How to give an object my energy?

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PostSubject: How to give an object my energy?   Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:12 pm

I know it may sound silly, but so far I am not aware of the fact that I am giving energy to an object, as I don't visualize anything like that.

I figured out when I hold my hand a few inches away from an object like a feather or anything else in light weight class + balancing without a lot of friction, that I am able to shake the object and from there I can use intentions to make it move, even though my direction intentions are still not that precise. Most of the time I can make objects like balancing feathers or piece of paper twitch and shake up and down but from there it seems I have a problem directing my energy to it to make it move in any direction!

What is the best technique to get my energy mixed with the object? In order to connect with it? I am actually not sure if there is a connection. I feel buzzing in my hands when I reach a certain energy level, it feels like a cold breeze of wind very slowly crawling up my wrists and palms and reaching finger tips, then the object starts shaking. But what is the technique after reaching that stage??? Am I missing something? Or why can't I direct the object in any direction after it already began to shake?
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How to give an object my energy?

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