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 third eye facts and information

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Psychic Padawan
Psychic Padawan

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PostSubject: third eye facts and information   Sun May 18, 2014 6:37 am

My third eye is a bit open but not fully or quite near I can see with my eyes closed about a quarter as good as with them open I would say

I can see through objects I can see multiple places at the same time and I can also edit what I am seeing for example I can put something there even though it isnt really there and I can delete stuff and mess with visual settings a bit but what I see Isnt always reliable and I can see people moving and doing stuff sometimes they stop and look at me for a few seconds then continue I dont know where they are though I think their somewhere else

It looks different using my third eye and it cant usually pick up tv or lamp bulb light or phone light much and the coloured static stuff makes it harder to see stuff as well

was it like this for you when your third eye started to open?

Is it easy to close your third eye when your not using it?

also I have heard of spiritual pets that you can make yourself how do I do that?

The main colours I see when my eyes are closed are blue and purple and pink they are annoying as they can make it really hard to see sometimes is there a way I can get these to fully disappear easily when im trying to see with my third eye? I can mess around with the coloured static to an extent but not that well

is there anything else that you can tell me?

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Mark Mauvais

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PostSubject: Re: third eye facts and information   Mon May 19, 2014 1:44 am

Have you seen this?
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Teresa Kinsley
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Psychic Jedi Knight

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PostSubject: Re: third eye facts and information   Mon May 26, 2014 2:38 pm


I've been bullied, teased, cheated on, & have been pissed off even before my teen years. If all of that happened to me, it surely can happen to you. Sorry.
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PostSubject: Re: third eye facts and information   

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third eye facts and information

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